The Legend Of The Linden

Slovakia: The Legend Of The Linden


This book celebrates the unparalleled journey of Slovaks throughout history. From the Slavic pagan times, the Christian conception, a 1,000 empire to the national awakening of the Czechoslovak people. From Europe at war, the totalitarian rule of a single party to the Velvet Revolution and a final metamorphosis into sovereignty, the Linden was there to witness the Slovak odyssey. The story of Slovakia is a journey into freedom, marked the Linden code and its long standing tradition.

Book mission

The book’s intention is to awaken a healthy sense of pride for Slovakia among Slovaks, by re-narrating the heart of Europe’s forgotten legacy. The book also serves as a guide for visitors to Slovakia allowing them to better understand the country and to connect with her people through emotions.


Author: Zuzana Palovic & Gabriela Bereghazyova

Language: English / Slovak

Size: A5

No. of pages: 210

Format: Coffee table

Year of publication: 2018