The Great Return


In the beginning of the 21st century, Europe opened its borders to the countries from behind the Iron Curtain. Since then, over 100 million citizens, including Slovaks gained the freedom to move West without a visa. Now, a decade after the East-West exodus, our pioneers are returning home. Telling the stories of international Slovaks who left, learned and returned, 58 voices including government, business and society share their views on the transformation of a nation. The 59th voice is that of the author, who reveals a personal tale of loss, lessons and reconnection through a rite of passage shared by millions of people across the planet. Time-travellers to culture-shifters, Slovakia’s lost daughters and sons come home, proving that return is not just a possibility, but an opportunity.

Book mission

This book challenges the debate about the impact of brain drain and reformulates it to one of brain circulation, brain training and brain gain. From time-travellers to culture shifters, it brings positive examples of international Slovaks who have left, learned and returned. Together they help Slovakia to go global through a transformation of skillsets, but also mindsets.


Author: Zuzana Palovic

Language: English / Slovak

Size: A4

No. of pages: 296

Format: Coffee table

Year of publication: 2018