The Legend of the Linden is a quick and interesting read, regardless of whether readers are familiar with the Linden tree and all it stands for or barely notice the famous tree that sheds its heart-shaped leaves in Slovak parks and forests. Some may argue that the Linden is not as prominent of a symbol as the authors suggest but regardless of what the Linden means to the reader, Palovic and Bereghazyova’s message is clear: despite years of war and turmoil, oppression and opposition, like the Linden, Slovakia still stands.
Slovak Spectator
Mostly, this is a beautiful book to look at! Every single page of the book is like its own work of art; holding a painting, illustration, or photograph to represent the subject being discussed. This makes it a lovely book not only to read, but also to study and look at if you happen to be interested in visual arts.
Tres Bohemes
After having read only a couple of pages of Slovakia: The Legend of the Linden, I purchased a couple more copies for my mother and auntie. This is testament to how readable this beautiful book is from the very start. This engagement with the reader continues all the way through; you are drawn into another world entirely and you won't want to leave! The authors do a great job of very skilfully presenting the history and culture of Slovakia and the Slavs through the motif of the linden tree, and succeed in tying their chosen themes to the challenges of today. The illustrations are also quite wonderful and complement the text very well indeed. In summary, I would say that the world needs more historical and cultural surveys written like this; in a time of cold analysis that often removes the human heart from the human story, this book is a valuable reminder of how central symbolism and myth is to any understanding of a people.
"The world needs more books written like this"
Po prečítaní prvých stránok knihy Slovensko: Legenda Lipy som sa rozhodol kúpiť ďalšie dve kópie pre mamu a tetu. To je dôkazom, aká zaujímavá a ľahko čitateľná táto krásna kniha je. Od samého začiatku až do úplného konca zapája čitateľa zapája do deja. Vtiahne ťa do iného sveta, z ktorého nebudeš chcieť odísť! Autorky so zručnosťou majstrov prezentujú históriu a kultúru Slovenska a Slovanov s použitím motívu lipového stromu. Dokonca úspešne prepojili svoju tému s výzvami dneška. Ilustrácie sú nádherné a harmonicky dopĺňajú text. V stručnosti - som presvedčený, že svet potrebuje historických a kultúrnych výskumov podaných takouto formou. Najmä v dnešnej dobe chladnej neosobnej analýzy, ktorá často ľudskému príbehu odoberie ľudskosť a srdce. Zároveň je táto kniha je pripomienkou toho, aká dôležitá je symbolika a mýty, ak chceme pochopiť ľudí a ich kultúru.
"Svet potrebuje viac kníh ako je táto"
This a wonderful, unique book. It lives up to the authors' claims that it is a deep, sensual dive into Slovak cultural history. I couldn't put it down until I had read it half way through, and then I just had to save the delights to savour another day as well. It has beautiful, varied and rich illustration, very carefully chosen to complement and enhance the text. Even in translation, the text is lyrical and redolent of Slovak emotionality.
"a must-read"
This book was a joy to read. The writing is fluid and poetic, reading it feels at times like a guided meditation connecting you with Slovak land through the Linden tree. A marriage of sacred symbolism, mythology and narratives told through nature. It is clearly rigorously researched and laid out in such a way that anyone can unlock the mystery of the Slavs!
Amazon customer
"This book was a joy to read"
A wonderful book that introduces and explains the magic and mystery of Slovakia. Beautifully written and with the most gorgeous illustrations. Would make a very special gift!
"Beautiful to look and and read."
Beautiful storytelling full of history, symbolism and gorgeous imagery. A book that will be given as gifts and sit proudly on my coffee table for years to come.
"Stunning book!"
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