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A small country like Slovakia can enable big change

Peter Irikovsky, the well-travelled CEO of Exponea, insists Slovakia is a flexible and optimistic nation. I spent two summers working in the US, handing out hamburgers at McDonald’s This eventually escalated into working for KPMG and later McKinsey & Company and Groupon & Slevomat, where I got to travel the world extensively.

Aj v 21.storočí je cool (a životne dôležité) mať korene

Mnohí sú presvedčení, že národno-budovateľské aktivity patria do 19. storočia a nie do roku 2019. Prečo teda dve mladé ženy, ktoré ani nie sú historičky, popularizujú knihu, ktorá sa hrdí prívlastkom prvý národný príbeh Slovenska?

A Continent Moving West

The inclusion of the “East” into the “West” at the beginning of the 21st century spurred an unprecedented migration wave across the landmass of Europe. This time the migration journeys of Slovaks, Hungarians, Poles and other fresh EU member nations took them to new destinations, such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Slovakia needs the next big thing, says bookstore CEO

Michal Mesko of Martinus was inspired to create a global product after gaining an international perspective in London. You may be a huge success in Bratislava, but nobody knows you in London. In a span of a short flight, you move to a capital city that is twice as big as your home country, and you realize that there is a zillion times bigger market out there.

Slovak author wants to be the embodiment of happiness

Andrej Krupa, author of ‘Hlava 20, is using his experience abroad to spread positivity in Slovakia. I am inspired by the story of Ivan Chrenko. Not only is HB Reavis an outstanding business success, but I am inspired by how much of that money he reinvests back into Slovakia. He is doing a lot of good for the next Slovak generation.

Civic ownership is a good thing, says NGO founder

Time abroad taught Slovak Sandra Stasselova that change is more than an opportunity - it's a responsibility. My Slovak University gave me a very good technical foundation. But, I felt the social dimension was missing. So, I decided to study abroad. ‘Urban Studies’ is very young in Slovakia. Abroad, I quickly got involved in community projects....

Slovak engineer learned the most from challenges abroad

After working in Dublin and Rotterdam, Juraj Lančarič realised his potential outside of his comfort zone. After I graduated from University, I was offered a job with a net income of 500 Euros per month. It was for the Peugeot-Citroen car manufacturing factory in Trnava, working as a material engineer. I realized that I was unwilling to work for that money, so I followed my then girlfriend to Dublin....

Slovak traveller discovered a new career path in Denmark

Digital nomad Silvia Puchovska left the corporate world to pursue a more innovative career in Slovakia and abroad. I graduated from my Slovak University more than 10 years ago. I have been living and working around the world since. My journey began in Spain where I started off working as a waitress, because I couldn’t speak the language...

Slovak film maker gained a critical lens overseas

Zuzana Limova’s documentary ‘Before I Met You’ examines the state of maternity wards in Slovakia. The documentary film 'Before I Met You' explores what it’s like to give birth in Slovakia. I completed the documentary as part of my diploma project. Since its release, it has caused a huge media uproar...

Coffee connoisseur learned a lesson in bravery abroad

Petra Vozárová, owner of Coffee Sheep, did not know a word of English when she moved from her native Slovakia to the UK. At school, I learned the German language. I felt like I was the only person on the planet who did not speak English....

Bistro owner rediscovered his love for Slovakia abroad

Slovak Peter Janicina spent seven years in Scotland. Now, the owner of U Kubistu is using his international experience to promote local change. I worked for a very intimate, family business on the Island of Iona. My first years abroad felt like relief. Scotland just felt like home straight from the beginning, I really was not planning on coming back to Slovakia....

Nemôžeme zabudnúť, môžeme odpustiť?

Pred päťdesiatimi rokmi Sovietsky zväz pod záštitou Varšavského paktu zmobilizoval vyše pol milióna vojakov a napadol zvrchované Československo. Invázia a nasledovný kompromis vládnych elít predchádzali okupácii, ktorá trvala....

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