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Global Slovakia is a Slovak-based non-profit organization dedicated to sharing Slovakia with the English-speaking world. We provide cultural and educational programs sharing Slovakia’s rich heritage beyond facts and figures.

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Super Slovaks presents a history of Slovakia as told through stories of 50 exceptional Slovaks. These individuals dared to follow their dreams and in doing so changed Slovakia and the world. The book features stories of Slovaks from across the eras and from different walks of life. Did you know that the last man who walked on the Moon was Slovak?

in Poems

This bilingual anthology is conceived to epitomise the open spirit, hospitality and generosity of a small country in the global world. From the idiosyncrasy of the Slovak village, through stunning castles, spectacular mountains and a cosmopolitan capital city, the poems celebrate the richness and raw quality of the Slovakian people and landscape. English poems of leading contemporary British poets are presented side by side with their Slovak translations, showcasing the poets' personal recollections and observations concerning Slovakia and the wider society. A set of full-colour photographs complements the words and reflect the country's unique character, away from clichéd representations. The book is an artwork and invitation for readers to experience this beautiful country with all their senses, in an authentic, personal way.

Slovak Settlers
to the New World

Slovak settlers in the New World pieces together the fascinating, powerful and touching Odyssey of Slovaks who left their homeland in search of a new life in faraway North America. Their destinies reveal a timeless story of shared dreams and hope that should never be forgotten. Although the history of Slovakia is a history of migration, we know so little about the Slovak men and women who dared to cross the ocean in search of a better life and even less about what happened to them after. Their stories help to recover ties severed by decades and even a century of separation.

The Legend of the Linden:
A History of Slovakia

This book takes you on an emotional journey deep into the Slovak and Slavic inner world. Follow the trail that opens your eyes to the magical realm guarded by the Linden tree and its sacred heart-shaped leaf. It is a code that carries the story of the people born at the crossroads of worlds.

The Great

In the beginning of the 21st century, Europe opened its borders to the countries from behind the Iron Curtain. Since then, over 100 million citizens, including Slovaks gained the freedom to move West without a visa. Now, a decade after the East-West exodus, our pioneers are returning home.

Czechoslovakia: Behind the Iron Curtain

Take a journey into the borderland of the Red Empire, during an ideological battle that saw the world ripped in half. Dare to step into communist Slovakia where the controlled ‘East’ and the free ‘West’ converged at their closest. This is a story of ordinary people caught up in the midst of the 20th century’s greatest political experiment.

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